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Removable, clear Invisalign braces have changed the way we think of braces. If you are thinking of getting straighter, better-aligned teeth, give Invisalign a second look. Invisalign are virtually transparent aligners that can be removed during brushing, flossing, eating, and for special occasions, thus making them a lot less restrictive than traditional metal braces.

Our Palo Alto Invisalign Dentist are experienced, knowledgeable, and trained in the use of Invisalign to attain desired tooth movement and successfully correct for crowding and spacing issues.

Invisalign works very well for most simple and complex dental cases of misalignment and bite issues. For instance…

Dentistry has evolved over the last thousand years. In the past, going to the dentist was depicted as one of the scariest human experiences, further popularized in rhymes, shows, and movies. It wasn’t far from the truth either, as dental procedures were painful and time-consuming.

Dental evolution has rapidly progressed ever since and keeps evolving to make it a seamless, painless, and comfortable experience for us. It’s safe to say that technology has made the dentist visit a welcome experience for patients, and dental anxiety can be a thing of the past today.

People are more aware that dental health…

By Dr. Alex Yen, DDS

If you’ve wondered about getting straighter teeth, now is the right time to act on it. With the COVID-19 vaccine now being rolled out, 2021 promises to be a year where things will slowly get back to normal. So, why not get ready for those reunions with family, friends, and colleagues with a brand new smile?

I’ve noticed that the recommended COVID-19 hygiene and social distancing norms lend the perfect conditions for getting Invisalign consultations done. …

Alex Yen

Dr. Alex is a trusted dentist who has found a home practicing general dentistry in Palo Alto.

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